Referral Information


Making a referral to Dr McMaster at Murrumba Downs

Does my patient require a formal referral?

This is not essential as vein treatment medicare items are non specialist referral items. However it is often useful for the medical practitioner who knows their patient best (their own GP) to make a referral, including any salient history which may otherwise be overlooked, or to include details of the medical history of which the patient may have poor recollection.

Does my patient require a venous mapping scan prior to attendance?

No. Of course if you wish to arrange an ultrasound prior to referral this is useful, and may influence your referral decision. However, all patients attending for initial assessment of varicose veins will need to have some ultrasound examination at the initial contact. This is mainly due to the need to assess suitability of  the particular pattern of veins for treatment, and unless the examining sonographer is aware of the criteria used in determining management, they will not have recorded the appropriate information. 

Generally if a patient attends with results of a recent ultrasound examination, and only brief re-examination is required, the patient will not be charged for the repeat scan.


Are some Varicose Veins "too large" for Endovenous Laser?

The simple answer to this is NO. Size of vein does not  correlate with success of endovenous laser treatment. Specifically this treatment is used predominantly for treating incompetent Great and Small saphenous veins, which are often grossly dilated when measured during venous incompetence mapping. These veins reduce dramatically in size when the patient is recumbent, and respond very well to endovenous laser treatment. Technically the procedure is often more straightforward with larger veins, although there may be more post procedure pain due to the use of higher energy laser.