Microsclerotherapy is a treatment used to eliminate small surface veins of the legs. It involves injections with a very fine needle. Through this an injection of fluid is introduced which sticks the walls of the vein together so that blood cannot return. Dr McMaster uses either polidocanol or fibrovein in a very dilute solution for microsclerotherapy. Many people have had veins treated in the past with saline injections, however the use of saline has now been abandoned by many doctors due to pain and other side effects.

The vein walls that have been damaged by the injection are slowly removed by the body's natural defense mechanisms over a period of months. Once the vein has been injected it can take between two weeks and three months for it to completely disappear.

The vast majority of small, clearly visible veins can be successfully treated. Several sessions may be needed depending on the extent of the surface veins. This safe and effective treatment has been used on hundreds of thousands of patients around the world, and is considered the gold standard for treatment of surface veins.

However it is important that your legs are checked with an ultrasound examination prior to undertaking microsclerotherapy treatment, to eliminate the possibility of problems with larger veins beneath the surface. Failure to detect and treat these veins first may lead to a poor result from microsclerotherapy.