Ultrasound Mapping

In order to achieve the best possible results when treating leg veins it is essential for the treating doctor to have a thorough understanding of the venous anatomy in the leg. While varicose veins in the legs do tend to occur in particular patterns, there are enormous individual variations, which can affect the way in which the veins need to be treated.

Before you have any treatment at the Grange Vein Clinic, you will undergo an initial venous ultrasound scan, either with Dr
McMaster or a vascular sonographer. If your veins are more extensive and complex as is often the case with recurrence following surgery, you may need a further appointment for a more detailed ultrasound mapping examination. If you have had previous ultrasound mapping of your legs within the last couple of years, please bring the films and reports to your first consultation.

At follow up appointments subsequent to Laser or sclerotherapy treatments, ultrasound examination is necessary to ensure full closure of treated veins. Periodic ultrasound follow up examinations may also be recommended for some patients, to ensure that any varicose vein recurrences are detected and treated at an early stage.

The ultrasound examinations are painless but can take up to 45 minutes depending on complexity. Ultrasound examination does not involve any harmful radiation and is completely safe.